Plastic free Initiative Ogilvy


This project is very dear to me because it represents strong values that I believe in, such as caring for the environment & having personal initiate. My coworkers and I, had the luck to have had people in the company that believed and supported the project. We had one mission: to eliminate all single use plastics in our company, replacing it with more sustainable alternatives while trying to raise awareness about the problem and inspiring our co-workers to make this change not only in the office but in their everyday lives as well.

"We understand the future as our responsibility, respecting our planet and promoting improvement through creativity and union."

What the media said about it:

Ogilvy1ª agencia de publicidad "plastic free" de Barcelona

Control de Publicidad


Ogilvy Barcelona ha sustituido los vasos de plástico de las máquinas de café y de `vending ´ y las cucharillas, por vasos y cucharillas 100% reciclables y biodegradables...

Ogilvy Barcelona se convierte en la 1ª
agencia ‘plastic-free’

La Publicidad


Ogilvy Barcelona se ha convertido en la primera agencia de publicidad plastic-free de la ciudad. A través de una iniciativa impulsada

por empleadas...

Owner: Ogilvy

Team: Marta Adam | Daniela De Paz | Paula Fernandez | Loida Garcia | Laura Gouveia | Andrea Pozo | Ana Robredo |Anais Rubio