Lois Jeans Campaign

Postgraduate in Communication Strategies

This project is a campaign that aims the reintegration of the brand Lois Jeans in the spanish market. Although it is still commercialized this brand has been forgotten by its customers. In this campaign it is proposed to readjuste the brands values to the young public, distance itself from the tauromachic image and be reborn as a brand for the true rebels. Using humour as a communicative tool, this campaign uses the image of the bull and puts it in day-to-day situations. It is a transmedia campaign based on a storytelling and lives both on online and offline media.

Owners: Afrika Domingues, Camila Sallent,

Laura Gouveia, Maite Atutxa

Tools: Photoshop, Premier, After Effects

Design for: Communication Strategies Postgraduate

April, 2016