Manzaning app 


Manzaning is an app that connects the users with local commerce businesses and promotes the communication between them, facilitating the sale and shipment of local products. While I worked there I was responsible for the maintenance and graphic redesign of some screens as well as the UX design of the continuous development of the app.

One of the first things I did was the redesign and unification of the icon system used to categorize the different types of commerces.

The main difference between this app and others of the same kind is it's direct chat with the stores, which allows the customers to get a unique experience having the opportunity to get advice from the local businesses.


That's why we took advantage of this feature and used it in graphic communication pieces that give the users the sense of a more human and personal service. 

Created by: Laura Gouveia

Tools: Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Owner: Urban Manzana


A large part of the app's users are older and are not digital natives. Having this in mind some of the app's interactions had to be redesigned to be easier to use and more obvious for all types of users.