Arca de Noé

Academic Project for the photographer Renato Roque

Arca de Noé is an academic project aiming to create a book that compiles the memories of Renato Roque. These memories are translated into photographs of his own. "Arca de Noé comes from the pain caused by the evidence that the memories of my grandparents and their homes, where I lived part of my childhood, I die a little every day. These memories are transformed, they deform, they fade and then they will be extinguished gradually until one day disappear with me as loyal animals that do not support the absence of the owner. “

Renato Roque

Arca de Noé
Text and Photography: Renato Roque
Design: Cláudia Neves, Catarina Maria, Laura Gouveia

Tools: Indesign, Photoshop
May, 2015