I'm Laura.


I'm a Portuguese designer and art director based in Barcelona. Although I identify myself as a User Experience Designer, my education has covered design as a multidisciplinary field, so my skill set goes beyond that of a plain communication, service or interaction designer. I finished a Master's Degree in Art Direction at Elisava, and I have been working since then as a UX/UI Designer. My interest lays on strategic design, that combines different design fields to create a common, user centric experience, that is meaningful and impactful. 


I've worked in the digital start-up sector for a year and half. I started as a designer in Manzaning, a local service for local commerce app. I was responsible for the graphic design as well as the maintenance and rework of some of the visuals and interactions.


Later I worked as a freelancer for Fidelity Bag S.L, creating the whole graphic language identity for the brand and the UX and UI of the app.


Lastly, I entered Inov Contacto, which is a program that placed me as a Designer in Idiomplus, a language company in Barcelona where I helped create the visual content for online language courses and managed the internal websites.

For the last year and a half I have been working in the advertising industry. I'm working as UX/UI Designer for Ogilvy where I've participated in big international project for brands such as Nestlé, Volkswagen and SEAT.


I can work different fields of the design world thanks to my education. My tool belt includes Sketch, Marvel, Invision, Axure, Principle and all the main Adobe sofware. 

I'm pixel perfect, detail oriented and native to agile methodologies & design thinking work environments. Having worked closely with marketing people, I'm very conscious about the strategy behind my work. I'm a good communicator and fluent in 3 languages, portuguese, english and spanish. I'm a better team player than a solo one because my greatest flaw is not having a specialty but I compensate this with a lot of work and hunger for the challenge to learn more and better every day.

Let's Work Together :)