Gioop App

Client: Fidelity Bag S.L

This project consisted on the design of the brand and app visuals as long as the interaction of Gioop app for the Catalan company Fidelity Bag.

Gioop is a service that works through an app which allows the local businesses to gain visibility with the promotion of eye-catching discounts. For the costumer, Gioop is a search engine for opportunities and a short and direct channel to exchange information that allows him to create better relationships with local commerce. 


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The Brand

Gioop brand was created under the concept of “locator”.

It endows the classical map’s locator point and empowers it going from

a simple search engine to a place where you can find good opportunities and trustworthy relationships.

In their shape, their geometrically perfect "O's" are there to remind us of wide open eyes that are looking for something.

They reinforce the concepts of search and transparency.

The App


Linear icons designed for the app using a graphic language created for the same and inspired by the logo's lettering.

Created by: Laura Gouveia

Tools: Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Marvel

Client: Fidelity Bag S.L



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